February 15, 2018.  Rutgers Paleomagnetism Laboratory Ph.D. student Christina Verhagen was awarded a 2018 LPI Career Development Award!  The award is given each year to a handful of graduate students from the US and other countries as well who have submitted a first-authored abstract to the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.  Christina will receive a travel stipend to help cover the cost of attending the meeting, which takes place in mid-March.  She will be presenting her work: “Magnetism of the Chicxulub crater lower peak ring.”  Great job, Christina!

December 27, 2017.  Sonia Tikoo was featured in the NOVA documentary “The Day the Dinosaurs Died”.  Sonia discussed the role magnetic anomalies played in the discovery of Chicxulub crater, and detailed how paleomagnetism may be used to study conditions related to the post-impact recovery of life.