Research Groups

Tikoo Group

Principal Investigator:

Sonia M. Tikoo, Assistant Professor of Planetary Sciences

Prof. Sonia Tikoo

Sonia’s research broadly focuses on the application of paleomagnetism to problems in the planetary sciences, including core dynamo generation and evolution and impact cratering processes.

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Graduate Students:

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Christina Verhagen

Christina Verhagen, Ph.D. Student in Earth and Planetary Sciences

Christina is studying the paleomagnetism of the Chicxulub impact crater, with a focus on determining the forms of magnetic remanence (shock, thermal, chemical/hydrothermal) recorded in the crater’s peak ring.


Ryan Galinkin

Ryan Galinkin, Masters Student in Physics

Ryan is utilizing a shock physics hydrocode to determine the pressures and temperatures experienced by lunar crustal rocks during impact events of various sizes.



Undergraduate Students:


Catie Monteith

Catie Monteith is studying the rock magnetic properties of meteorites.





Josh Vigoureux

Joshua Vigoureux is assisting with paleomagnetic measurements of rocks from the Chicxulub crater peak ring.





Join the group!

If you are interested in pursuing postdoctoral research or graduate studies in paleomagnetism, please contact Sonia at sonia.tikoo [-at-]



Kent Group

Principal Investigator:

Dennis V. Kent, Board of Governors Distinguished Professor of Geological Sciences

Prof. Dennis Kent

Dennis’ research interests are varied and involve leveraging paleomagnetism to better understand Cenozoic and Mesozoic geomagnetic polarity time scales, paleogeography,  paleoclimatology, the long-term carbon cycle, true polar wander, and early hominin dispersal.





Former Group Members:

Beck E. Strauss, former Postdoctoral Associate and Laboratory Manager

Dr. Beck Strauss

Beck’s postdoctoral research focused on understanding the paleointensity evolution of the ancient lunar dynamo.  Beck completed their PhD in 2016 at the Institute for Rock Magnetism (University of Minnesota) with a thesis focusing on the crustal magnetism of Mercury.  Beck is now a Research Geologist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


Virginia Agostinelli, Undergraduate Research Fellow

Virginia Agostinelli

In May 2017, Virginia completed a Senior Honors project centering on the paleomagnetism of the Orgueil carbonaceous chondrite meteorite.